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Exhibiting at The Other Art Fair Dallas

It's official, I'm going to Dallas! I'll be exhibiting in The Other Art Fair Dallas at the Dallas Market Hall May 9-12, 2024. This is exciting for me since this is the first event of this type and format that I will participate in. Saatchi Art is the main presenter and they hand-pick the artists through applications. I will have more details as the time comes closer. I'm testing out the smallest booth size, but I think it is plenty to start with. The back wall is eight linear feet and side wings are four linear feet each. I am planning a variety of sizes, so as of late I have painted a few 12" x 12" works and have a few more small scale planned.  Checking out the Spring Dallas fair, I could see that everyone sold art and that it did not matter whether an artist had large or small booths. In-fact, my impression was that the largest booth size might not be necessary since the exhibitors were not galleries but rather individual artists, plus the walls were fair